In an old, designated to be demolished, building at Hashomer Street in Tel Aviv, Israel. Two graphic designers have taken on themselves the mission to create one new graphic image every day. Until the building they sit in will be gone.

* Not including Friday and Saturday.
שני מעצבים. היושבים בבנין ישן, המיועד להריסה, ברחוב השומר שבתל אביב. התחייבו שכל יום, ברוטציה, יכין אחד מהם דימוי גרפי. עד לתאריך הריסת הבניין.

* לא כולל שישי ושבת.

YMG albom "SpaghettiOs"

YMG logo

YMG: Young Male Gazelle

YMG (“Young Male Gazelle”) is a fairly new folk-rock band, based in Vancouver Canada.

After seeing this blog they contact us and requested that we’ll design all of their band related graphics. After listening to their awesome music...
...we immediately agreed starting with the logo.

In the upcoming weeks all our posts will be related to this band trying to help them promote their great music...

On another matter, we are entering the holidays here so until Sukot (the last upcoming holiday) is over and also because we are now obligated to YMG. Our posts might not come on a daily basis. We will be back to our 5 days a week routine after the 14th of October.





Shana Tova Motherfuckers!

Rosh Hashana Challenge

Since it is Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) here this weekend. This week will we will only post Shana Tova (Happy New Year) cards or related images.

Enjoy & Shana Tova to all.

breathing sandwich