In an old, designated to be demolished, building at Hashomer Street in Tel Aviv, Israel. Two graphic designers have taken on themselves the mission to create one new graphic image every day. Until the building they sit in will be gone.

* Not including Friday and Saturday.
שני מעצבים. היושבים בבנין ישן, המיועד להריסה, ברחוב השומר שבתל אביב. התחייבו שכל יום, ברוטציה, יכין אחד מהם דימוי גרפי. עד לתאריך הריסת הבניין.

* לא כולל שישי ושבת.


ice land (IMG_7314)

This image is a test photo taken inside our office freezer. It was meant to be photographed again later, using a better camera (Canon EOS 5D). But since this will take some time, or probably will never happen, I decided to upload this photo for now (and also label it as "draft").

a singing bird

flag bearers


black mountains