In an old, designated to be demolished, building at Hashomer Street in Tel Aviv, Israel. Two graphic designers have taken on themselves the mission to create one new graphic image every day. Until the building they sit in will be gone.

* Not including Friday and Saturday.
שני מעצבים. היושבים בבנין ישן, המיועד להריסה, ברחוב השומר שבתל אביב. התחייבו שכל יום, ברוטציה, יכין אחד מהם דימוי גרפי. עד לתאריך הריסת הבניין.

* לא כולל שישי ושבת.

What da


Spam No.6

Another addition to the Spam project; illustrating spam headlines fresh from my Thunderbird.

the king


Meanwhile at the Shalom tower's control desk


eye desktop

See if you are strong enough and can use this one as your desktop for a week (click the image for full size).